monsters are real and ghosts are real too, they live inside us and sometimes they win.


How can you look at the person you loved for so long and tell yourself it’s time to finally let go? Is it setting yourself free? Or just simply moving on? Why do we constantly attach ourselves to human beings to simply distract ourselves from the piece that is missing. I feel so lost. I’m sick of feeling this emptiness, it’s been too long.

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Posted 28 Jul



You drink like you have to forget something.
- The saddest shit ever said. (via dvadeset-sedmi-august)

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Posted 28 Jul

the heat is so annoying

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Last year on my birthday, I lied to everyone because I had to lie and say I was with my husband, when in fact my husband was missing with another girl, okay?! And I lied and I gave up my Beyoncé tickets to Kendal. That’s how badly I was hiding!

Khloe Kardashian to her sister Kourtney

Shit just got real when you have to give up your Beyoncé tickets.

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Posted 27 Jul

He knew it would all go wrong from the very beginning
All hail Lord Disick.